Real class lists, created by Teacher's Pet, for a real school

The only change we did to this list is that every real student has been given a computer-generated alias.

The green friends are the friends that the student actually got, and the red ones are those he/she desired but didn’t get.

Allocating 209 students into 8 classes, Teacher’s Pet achieved in average 3 friends each student, with zero friendless student. This is achieved with 7 other requirements being catered for at the same time, including gender, academics, secondary languages, special needs and exclusions.

Class 801

StudentFriends requested by the student
Travis Robbins [Gustavo Morris], Jesus Ellis, [Jason Montgomery], Phillip Burton, [Wilson Morgan]
Marty Osborne Jan Schwartz, Carlos Hammond, Edgar Norton, [Wayne Copeland], Luis Rhodes
Mack Weber Dexter Owens, Ervin Dawson, [Troy Alvarez]
Don Boone [Jason Montgomery], Ray Kim, Cameron Byrd, Leo Ramirez
Jason Montgomery Phillip Burton, [Gustavo Morris], [Travis Robbins], [Don Boone]
Norman James Mario Webster, Emilio Smith, Allan Carter, Jan Schwartz, [Marty Osborne]
Alexander Powell [Joey Pope], [Raymond Sandoval], [Wilson Morgan], Julio Lopez, [Zachary Coleman]
Ruben Watts [Roderick Cooper], [Freddie Hart], [Danny Sutton], Benjamin Woods, Mario Webster
Wilson Morgan [Alexander Powell], [Raymond Sandoval], [Joey Pope], [Zachary Coleman], [Jerry Kelley]
Jerry Kelley [Santiago Brady], Nelson Williamson, Jean Schneider, [Wilson Morgan], [Freddie Hart]
Raymond Sandoval [Wilson Morgan], [Alexander Powell], [Zachary Coleman], [Joey Pope], Julio Lopez
Patrick Snyder [Santiago Brady], [Drew Hogan], [Gilberto Jennings], [Norman James], [Roderick Cooper]
Gilberto Jennings Morris Potter, Earl Bates, Rene Mason, Lance Phelps, [Marty Osborne]
Santiago Brady [Jerry Kelley], Nelson Williamson, [Freddie Hart], [Wilson Morgan], Jean Schneider
Drew Hogan Juan Mcdonald, [Gilberto Jennings], Rick Mendez, [Freddie Hart], Rene Mason
Joey Pope [Alexander Powell], [Raymond Sandoval], [Wilson Morgan], [Zachary Coleman], Julio Lopez
Wayne Copeland Kerry Ross, [Marty Osborne], [Gilberto Jennings], Jan Schwartz, Morris Potter
Amos Mitchell Terry Chavez, [Noah Baker], Dominick Manning, Willis Watson, Karl Garcia
Mike Long Darin Hoffman, [Jason Montgomery], [Gustavo Morris], [Don Boone], [Travis Robbins]
Santos Ryan Sidney Paul, Ervin Dawson, Bradley Dixon, [Noah Baker], [Troy Alvarez]
Lawrence Castro Lance Phelps, Preston Cunningham, Leland Yates, [Marty Osborne], Roberto Barber
Zachary Coleman [Raymond Sandoval], [Wilson Morgan], [Alexander Powell], [Joey Pope], Julio Lopez
Gustavo Morris [Travis Robbins]
Danny Sutton [Ruben Watts], [Roderick Cooper], [Freddie Hart], [Wayne Copeland], Kevin Ferguson
Freddie Hart Andre Blake, Bobby Abbott, Armando Sparks, [Santiago Brady], [Danny Sutton]
Roderick Cooper [Danny Sutton], Kevin Ferguson, [Ruben Watts], Ignacio Newton, Victor Mann
Troy Alvarez Gilbert Day, Leon Greer, [Lawrence Castro], Willis Watson, Richard Howard
Noah Baker [Amos Mitchell], [Santos Ryan], Ervin Dawson, [Troy Alvarez], [Mack Weber]

Class 802

StudentFriends requested by the student
Dan Gilbert [Antonio Ball], [Roger Farmer], [Eric Delgado], [Stephen Chandler], George Boyd
Kevin Ferguson Irvin Williams, [Robert Bowers], Danny Sutton, [Harry Reeves], [Elias Griffith]
Cameron Byrd [Roger Farmer], [Ray Kim], [Leo Ramirez], Don Boone, Hector Jacobs
Levi Matthews Jason Montgomery, [Terry Chavez], Don Boone, Steve Hines
Antonio Ball [Roger Farmer], Bert Lawson, [Dan Gilbert], [Frank Marsh], George Boyd
Edwin Burke Terrell Vega, Jessie Martinez, [Gilbert Day], Ramiro Briggs, Fernando Hampton
Terry Chavez Amos Mitchell, Terrell Vega, Noah Baker, [Ismael Obrien], [Leon Greer]
Randal Alexander Melvin Morton, Luis Rhodes, Saul Berry, [Francis Weaver], Carlos Hammond
Roger Farmer Bert Lawson, [Antonio Ball], [Dan Gilbert], [Eric Delgado], [Lowell Roberson]
Leon Greer Karl Garcia, [Ismael Obrien], Troy Alvarez, [Gilbert Day], Todd Olson
Stephen Chandler Clinton Simmons, [Dan Gilbert], [Brendan James], [Terence Nelson], [Eric Delgado]
Leo Ramirez [Cameron Byrd], [Ray Kim], Don Boone, Hector Jacobs, Michael Allen
Eric Delgado [Dan Gilbert], [Antonio Ball], [Stephen Chandler], [Roger Farmer], George Boyd
Harry Reeves Dexter Owens, [Elias Griffith], [Kevin Ferguson], Preston Cunningham, Salvatore Vaughn
Francis Weaver Saul Berry, Ian Romero, Melvin Morton, Luis Rhodes, [Lowell Roberson]
Ray Kim [Cameron Byrd], Hector Jacobs, [Leo Ramirez], Michael Allen, Bert Lawson
Lowell Roberson [Roger Farmer], Melvin Morton, [Antonio Ball], Luis Rhodes, [Eric Delgado]
Ismael Obrien [Leon Greer], [Gilbert Day], Troy Alvarez, Noah Greene, [Ray Kim]
Robert Bowers Salvador Cox, Devin Gibson, [Kevin Ferguson], Danny Sutton, Moses Bishop
Amos Pittman [Kevin Ferguson]
Frank Marsh Lawrence Schneider, [Roger Farmer], Clinton Fleming, [Brendan James], [Antonio Ball]
Brendan James George Boyd, Cedric Maxwell, [Terence Nelson], Clinton Simmons, Marco Rose
Thomas Griffith No friend required
Gilbert Day Troy Alvarez, [Ismael Obrien], Howard Phillips, Mathew Dennis, [Leon Greer]
Terence Nelson Clinton Simmons, Lawrence Schneider, Jeff Hughes, [Brendan James], David Bell
Elias Griffith [Harry Reeves], [Kevin Ferguson], Preston Cunningham, Dexter Owens

Class 803

StudentFriends requested by the student
Salvador Cox [Devin Gibson], Robert Bowers, Kevin Ferguson, [Horace Ryan], [Shaun Mitchell]
Toby Drake [Cornelius Kennedy], Wayne Hernandez, Darin Hoffman, Jay Black, [Christopher Cannon]
Leonard Hopkins [Andrew Blair], [Tim Simpson], [Terrance Owens], Scott Nunez, [Christopher Cannon]
Samuel Williams [Wendell Crawford], [Rex Turner], [Irvin Williams], Victor Mann, [Devin Gibson]
Albert Huff Oliver Watkins, [Allan Carter], [Willis Watson], [Richard Howard], Lowell Clayton
Allan Carter Emilio Smith, [Mario Webster], Norman James, Steve Hines, [Richard Howard]
Abel Casey [Christopher Cannon], [Bob Hall], Dominick Manning, Frank Marsh, [Mario Webster]
Devin Gibson [Salvador Cox], Moses Bishop, Jerald Nguyen, Sidney Paul, [Shaun Mitchell]
Irvin Williams [Horace Ryan], [Salvador Cox], [Rex Turner], [Samuel Williams], Kevin Ferguson
Wendell Crawford [Samuel Williams], [Rex Turner], Victor Mann, [Irvin Williams], [Devin Gibson]
Horace Ryan [Salvador Cox], [Irvin Williams], Sidney Paul, [Shaun Mitchell], Moses Bishop
Bob Hall Frank Marsh, [Abel Casey], Raymond Sandoval, Jose Abbott, Eddie Stevenson
Richard Howard [Willis Watson], [Jean Torres], [Allan Carter], Mathew Dennis, Norman James
Andrew Blair [Leonard Hopkins], [Christopher Cannon], [Tim Simpson], Fernando Hampton, [Terrance Owens]
Shaun Mitchell Moses Bishop, [Devin Gibson], Jerald Nguyen, Sidney Paul, Marty Osborne
Rex Turner [Tim Simpson], [Irvin Williams], [Samuel Williams], [Wendell Crawford], [Andrew Blair]
Christopher Cannon Hector Jacobs, [Cornelius Kennedy], [Abel Casey], [Andrew Blair], [Mario Webster]
Nelson Williamson Jerry Kelley, Santiago Brady, [Jean Schneider], [Jean Torres], Howard Phillips
Willis Watson [Richard Howard], [Jean Torres], [Allan Carter], Mathew Dennis, Norman James
Cornelius Kennedy [Christopher Cannon], Frank Marsh, [Jack Harrison], Wayne Hernandez, [Toby Drake]
Jack Harrison [Jean Schneider], [Willis Watson], Marty Osborne, Lawrence Castro, Wayne Hernandez
Jean Torres [Richard Howard], [Willis Watson], Gerald Vega, Lance Phelps
Terrance Owens [Tim Simpson], [Andrew Blair], [Leonard Hopkins], [Cornelius Kennedy]
Tim Simpson [Terrance Owens], [Leonard Hopkins], Clifton Lawson, [Andrew Blair]
Mario Webster [Allan Carter], Norman James, Emilio Smith, Steve Hines
Jean Schneider Jerry Kelley, [Nelson Williamson], Santiago Brady, Jeffrey Perry, Salvatore Vaughn

Class 804

StudentFriends requested by the student
Adam Burns [Todd Olson], [Armando Sparks], [Dustin Soto], Gilberto Jennings, Lloyd West
Johnnie Haynes [Todd Olson], [Jonathan Barnett], [Phil Willis], [Earl Medina], Manuel Ross
Colin Berry Gilberto Jennings, [Dustin Soto], [Earl Bates], [Oscar Brown], Morris Potter
Leland Yates Kerry Ross, Bobby Abbott, [Dustin Soto], [Andre Blake], [Earl Bates]
Phil Willis [Jonathan Barnett], [Earl Medina], [Johnnie Haynes], [Todd Olson], [Preston Cunningham]
Salvatore Vaughn Darin Hoffman, Jay Black, [Oscar Brown], [Preston Cunningham], Steve Hines
Lonnie Estrada Morris Potter, [Colin Berry], Rene Mason, Gilberto Jennings, [Dustin Soto]
Joshua Ballard Victor Mann, Lloyd West, Noel Holmes, [Lonnie Estrada], Sidney Paul
Malcolm Bush [Oscar Brown], [Dustin Soto], Morris Potter
Earl Medina [Phil Willis], [Jonathan Barnett], [Johnnie Haynes], [Todd Olson], Jeffery Walker
Andre Blake Bobby Abbott, [Leland Yates], [Jeffrey Perry], [Dustin Soto], [Lance Phelps]
Jonathan Barnett [Todd Olson], [Phil Willis], [Earl Medina], [Johnnie Haynes], Morris Potter
Armando Sparks [Todd Olson], [Johnnie Haynes], [Adam Burns], Freddie Hart, Victor Mann
Boyd Davis Raymond Sandoval, Wilson Morgan, [Julio Lopez], Alexander Powell, [Leland Yates]
Lance Phelps Kerry Ross, Lawrence Castro, [Jeffrey Perry], [Dustin Soto], [Leland Yates]
Julio Lopez Alexander Powell, Wilson Morgan, Raymond Sandoval, [Boyd Davis], Joey Pope
Jeffrey Perry [Andre Blake], Bobby Abbott, [Leland Yates], [Lance Phelps], Kerry Ross
Preston Cunningham Lawrence Castro, [Phil Willis], [Jonathan Barnett], [Lance Phelps], [Earl Medina]
Oscar Brown Gilberto Jennings, Morris Potter, [Colin Berry], Raymond Sandoval, [Dustin Soto]
Earl Bates Gilberto Jennings, [Johnnie Haynes], [Dustin Soto], [Joshua Ballard], Bobby Abbott
Karl Garcia Leon Greer, Lloyd West, Noel Holmes, Victor Mann, [Joshua Ballard]
Eddie Stevenson Rick Mendez, Curtis Morton, Bobby Jacobs, [Earl Bates], Jose Abbott
Clinton Fleming Bobby Jacobs, Marty Osborne, Anthony Walters, [Dustin Soto], Woodrow Lewis
Dustin Soto Morris Potter, Gilberto Jennings, [Leland Yates], [Lonnie Estrada], Kerry Ross
Todd Olson [Armando Sparks], [Johnnie Haynes], [Jonathan Barnett], Gilberto Jennings, [Phil Willis]

Class 805

StudentFriends requested by the student
Theodore Alvarado Samuel Williams, Salvatore Vaughn, Wendell Crawford, Rex Turner, [Howard Phillips]
Ismael Nichols [Julius Williamson], Colin Berry, [Jose Abbott], [Curtis Morton], [Orlando Massey]
Anthony Walters Marty Osborne, [Clayton Stone], [Francis Harmon], Jan Schwartz, Dustin Soto
Julius Williamson [Ismael Nichols], Colin Berry, [Jose Abbott], [Curtis Morton], [Orlando Massey]
Noel Holmes [Sidney Paul], [Lloyd West], Joshua Ballard, [Victor Mann], [Ignacio Newton]
Phillip Mcgee Marty Osborne, Carlos Hammond, Jan Schwartz, Wayne Copeland, [Orlando Massey]
Benjamin Woods Roberto Barber, Juan Mcdonald, Freddie Hart, Andre Blake, [Bobby Abbott]
Jerald Nguyen [Moses Bishop], [Sidney Paul], Devin Gibson, Shaun Mitchell
Francis Harmon Armando Sparks, Doyle Townsend, [Anthony Walters], Adam Burns, [Gerald Vega]
Clayton Stone Chad Figueroa, [Jeffery Walker], [Kerry Ross], Phil Willis, [Bobby Abbott]
Bert Lawson [Victor Mann], [Ismael Nichols], [Julius Williamson], Antonio Ball, Roger Farmer
Gerald Vega Phil Willis, [Kerry Ross], Lance Phelps, [Jeffery Walker], [Clayton Stone]
Manuel Ross [Jeffery Walker], Armando Sparks, [Victor Mann], [Sidney Paul]
Orlando Massey [Julius Williamson], Carlos Hammond, [Ismael Nichols], Melvin Morton, [Phillip Mcgee]
Sidney Paul [Moses Bishop], [Jerald Nguyen], [Victor Mann], [Lloyd West], Devin Gibson
Jose Abbott Colin Berry, [Julius Williamson], [Kerry Ross], [Ismael Nichols], Gilberto Jennings
Curtis Morton [Julius Williamson], [Mathew Dennis], [Howard Phillips], [Ismael Nichols], Morris Potter
Mathew Dennis [Howard Phillips], Willis Watson, [Curtis Morton], [Victor Mann], [Ignacio Newton]
Kerry Ross [Gerald Vega], Earl Bates, Eddie Stevenson, Chad Figueroa, Juan Mcdonald
Lloyd West [Jeffery Walker], [Victor Mann], [Sidney Paul], Adam Burns, Marty Osborne
Jeffery Walker [Lloyd West], [Clayton Stone], [Victor Mann], Earl Medina, [Ignacio Newton]
Bobby Abbott Andre Blake, [Clayton Stone], Juan Mcdonald, Dustin Soto, [Kerry Ross]
Ignacio Newton [Victor Mann], [Sidney Paul], Morris Potter, Marty Osborne, [Lloyd West]
Moses Bishop [Sidney Paul], Devin Gibson, [Jerald Nguyen], Shaun Mitchell
Howard Phillips [Mathew Dennis], [Curtis Morton], [Theodore Alvarado], Willis Watson
Victor Mann [Ignacio Newton], [Sidney Paul], [Curtis Morton], [Mathew Dennis], Samuel Williams

Class 806

StudentFriends requested by the student
Alex Graves [Jeff Hughes], [Phillip Burton], [Lawrence Schneider], [Clinton Simmons], Neal Alexander
Michael Allen [Hector Jacobs], [Cedric Maxwell], Christopher Cannon, Ray Kim, Terry Chavez
Phillip Burton Jason Montgomery, Gustavo Morris, [Alex Graves], [Jeff Hughes], Travis Robbins
Bobby Jacobs Clinton Fleming, Wayne Hernandez, Jack Harrison, [Phillip Burton], [Lawrence Schneider]
Jesus Ellis Travis Robbins, Gustavo Morris, [Hugo Gordon], [Lowell Clayton], [Oliver Watkins]
Cedric Maxwell [Hector Jacobs], [George Boyd], Brendan James, [Michael Allen], [Marco Rose]
Lawrence Schneider [Jeff Hughes], [Alex Graves], Marvin Mcdaniel, [Clinton Simmons], Luis Rhodes
George Boyd [Vincent Harper], [Leo Copeland], Antonio Ball, Brendan James, [Cedric Maxwell]
Clinton Simmons [Lawrence Schneider], Terence Nelson, Stephen Chandler, [Jeff Hughes], [Alex Graves]
David Bell [Vincent Harper], Emilio Smith, Terence Nelson, [Clinton Simmons], Melvin Morton
Edgar Norton Luis Rhodes, Marty Osborne, [Carlos Hammond], [Jan Schwartz], Clinton Fleming
Hector Jacobs [Cedric Maxwell], Christopher Cannon, Bert Lawson, Roger Farmer, Eric Delgado
Jan Schwartz Marty Osborne, [Carlos Hammond], Earl Bates, Jack Harrison, Colin Berry
Carlos Hammond [Jan Schwartz], Marty Osborne, [Edgar Norton], Melvin Morton, Luis Rhodes
Hugo Gordon [Jesus Ellis], [Lowell Clayton], [Oliver Watkins], [Carlos Hammond], [Domingo Grant]
Vincent Harper [George Boyd], [Leo Copeland], [David Bell], Neal Alexander, Julius Williamson
Doyle Townsend No friend required
Leo Copeland [George Boyd], [Vincent Harper], Eric Delgado, Bradley Dixon, Edwin Patterson
Domingo Grant [Bobby Jacobs], [Lowell Clayton], [Oliver Watkins], [Edgar Norton], Darin Hoffman
Loren Reed Marvin Mcdaniel, Neal Alexander, [Leo Copeland], [Oliver Watkins], Robin Mcguire
Lowell Clayton [Oliver Watkins], [Jesus Ellis], Travis Robbins, [Hugo Gordon], [Marco Rose]
Noah Greene [Clinton Simmons], Howard Phillips, [Bobby Jacobs], Frank Marsh, Brendan James
Preston Collins [Leo Copeland], [Marco Rose], Brendan James, [Oliver Watkins], [Lowell Clayton]
Jeff Hughes [Alex Graves], [Phillip Burton], [Lawrence Schneider], Terence Nelson, [Clinton Simmons]
Oliver Watkins [Jesus Ellis], Travis Robbins, [Preston Collins], [Lowell Clayton], [Leo Copeland]
Marco Rose [Preston Collins], Brendan James, [George Boyd], [Leo Copeland], [Lowell Clayton]

Class 807

StudentFriends requested by the student
Robin Mcguire [Miguel Mills], [Stanley Burgess], [Seth Warren], [Marvin Mcdaniel], Lawrence Schneider
Saul Hunt No friend required
Wesley Thompson [Jackie Cobb], [Stanley Burgess], [Robin Mcguire], [Norman Washington], [Ryan Reese]
Dominick Manning Tracy Franklin, Abel Casey, Jack Harrison, [Saul Hunt], [Luis Rhodes]
Johnny Mckinney [Roger Bailey], [Erick Swanson], [Seth Warren], [Ryan Reese], [Miguel Mills]
Jackie Cobb Tracy Franklin, [Dominick Manning], [Erick Swanson], [Norman Washington], Wayne Hernandez
Ryan Reese [Erick Swanson], [Seth Warren], [Roger Bailey], [Johnny Mckinney], [Miguel Mills]
Neal Alexander [Robin Mcguire], [Edwin Patterson], [Marvin Mcdaniel], Loren Reed, Clinton Simmons
Roger Bailey [Johnny Mckinney], [Miguel Mills], [Robin Mcguire], [Erick Swanson], [Seth Warren]
Luis Rhodes [Melvin Morton], [Saul Hunt], Marty Osborne, Jack Harrison, [Jackie Cobb]
Saul Berry Francis Weaver, [Ian Romero], Randal Alexander, [Luis Rhodes], [Ramon Carson]
Stanley Burgess [Robin Mcguire], [Miguel Mills], [Norman Washington], [Seth Warren], [Jackie Cobb]
Marvin Mcdaniel Clinton Simmons, [Robin Mcguire], [Neal Alexander], Lawrence Schneider, [Edwin Patterson]
Rogelio Robinson [Jon Willis], Carlos Hammond, Jean Schneider, Phillip Mcgee, Edgar Norton
Bradley Dixon [Ervin Dawson], [Grant Schneider], [Johnny Mckinney], [Robin Mcguire], [Edwin Patterson]
Erick Swanson [Ryan Reese], [Johnny Mckinney], [Roger Bailey], [Jackie Cobb], [Seth Warren]
Ian Romero [Saul Berry], Francis Weaver, [Luis Rhodes], Lowell Roberson, [Ramon Carson]
Miguel Mills [Roger Bailey], [Robin Mcguire], [Ryan Reese], [Grant Schneider], [Seth Warren]
Ervin Dawson [Bradley Dixon], [Grant Schneider]
Seth Warren [Bradley Dixon], [Johnny Mckinney], [Robin Mcguire], [Grant Schneider], [Erick Swanson]
Norman Washington [Jackie Cobb], [Stanley Burgess], [Erick Swanson], [Robin Mcguire], [Ryan Reese]
Edwin Patterson [Bradley Dixon], [Robin Mcguire], [Grant Schneider], [Johnny Mckinney], [Miguel Mills]
Ramon Carson [Saul Berry], [Melvin Morton], [Ian Romero], Francis Weaver, [Luis Rhodes]
Melvin Morton [Luis Rhodes], Lowell Roberson, Carlos Hammond, Orlando Massey, [Saul Hunt]
Grant Schneider [Miguel Mills], [Bradley Dixon], [Ervin Dawson], [Seth Warren], [Robin Mcguire]
Jon Willis Lawrence Schneider, [Rogelio Robinson], Emilio Smith, [Melvin Morton], [Luis Rhodes]

Class 808

StudentFriends requested by the student
Ramiro Briggs [Steve Hines], [Jessie Martinez], [Scott Nunez], [Fernando Hampton], [Terrell Vega]
Jimmy Griffith [Ramiro Briggs], [Jessie Martinez], [Terrell Vega], Edwin Burke, [Fernando Hampton]
Marshall Pearson [Taylor Clarke], [Woodrow Lewis], [Clifton Lawson], Noel Holmes, [Dexter Owens]
Roberto Barber [Tracy Murphy], [Steve Hines], [Taylor Clarke], [Jay Black], Lawrence Castro
Dexter Owens Harry Reeves, Kevin Ferguson, [Timmy Bowman], [Clifton Lawson]
Juan Mcdonald Benjamin Woods, [Rick Mendez], [Rene Mason], Kerry Ross, [Chad Figueroa]
Tracy Franklin Dominick Manning, Jack Harrison, Abel Casey, [Wayne Hernandez]
Rick Mendez [Rene Mason], [Juan Mcdonald], Phil Willis, [Morris Potter], Francis Harmon
Scott Nunez [Fernando Hampton], [Ramiro Briggs], [Steve Hines], Leonard Hopkins, [Jessie Martinez]
Jessie Martinez Edwin Burke, [Ramiro Briggs], [Steve Hines], [Fernando Hampton], [Scott Nunez]
Clifton Lawson [Woodrow Lewis], [Taylor Clarke], [Tracy Murphy], [Dexter Owens], [Timmy Bowman]
Victor Ortiz Marco Rose, Brendan James, [Chad Figueroa]
Tracy Murphy [Taylor Clarke], [Woodrow Lewis], [Clifton Lawson], Noel Holmes
Rene Mason [Morris Potter], Todd Olson, Colin Berry, Gilberto Jennings, Dustin Soto
Taylor Clarke [Woodrow Lewis], [Tracy Murphy], Noel Holmes, [Clifton Lawson], Mario Webster
Jay Black [Darin Hoffman], [Wayne Hernandez], [Taylor Clarke], Mario Webster, [Emilio Smith]
Fernando Hampton [Scott Nunez], [Steve Hines], [Ramiro Briggs], [Jessie Martinez], [Terrell Vega]
Wayne Hernandez Jack Harrison, Cedric Maxwell, Cornelius Kennedy, Dominick Manning, [Tracy Franklin]
Steve Hines [Ramiro Briggs], Mario Webster, [Scott Nunez], [Jessie Martinez], [Fernando Hampton]
Morris Potter Gilberto Jennings, Gerald Vega, [Rene Mason], Colin Berry, Dustin Soto
Terrell Vega Edwin Burke, [Ramiro Briggs], [Scott Nunez], [Fernando Hampton], [Jessie Martinez]
Emilio Smith Norman James, Allan Carter, Mario Webster, [Jay Black], [Darin Hoffman]
Woodrow Lewis [Clifton Lawson], [Taylor Clarke], [Tracy Murphy], [Jay Black], [Dexter Owens]
Chad Figueroa [Juan Mcdonald], Clayton Stone, Bobby Abbott, Benjamin Woods, Kerry Ross
Timmy Bowman Terrance Owens, Andrew Blair, Leonard Hopkins, [Woodrow Lewis]
Darin Hoffman [Wayne Hernandez], [Jay Black], Salvatore Vaughn, [Roberto Barber], [Emilio Smith]
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